Back To The Future: Part 2 FAQ

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4.1.1: After Marty returned from 1955 and his parents became happy, would it be unnecessary to go to 2015 to fix his own life? Would not the change in 1955 be successful for him also?

As soon as Marty arrived back to 1985, he was in the "new" 1985 and nothing left of the original 1985 he started in. The car accident is something that belongs to the new timeline because Marty got a new car for his birthday. In the original timeline, he didn't get any truck and the family car was at the shop, there were no car for him to drive. (Stoko)

4.1.2 Where and how often did Doc Brown time travel before they meet Marty again?

From the stickers inside the DeLorean we can assume it is very likely Doc did a lot of time travel before he met Marty again. When he returns to Marty in the beginning of BTTF2, we can assume he first discovered the ruined McFly family sometime in 2015, and then traveled back to the day of the actual event of Marty Jr's. robbery and finally back to Marty and Jennifer in 1985.
(Ms Fusion2 and Mr.XL - Doc's line: "I already went further ahead into time to see what else happens. I backtracked everything to this one event, that's why we're here today to prevent this incident from ever happening."

4.1.3: What did Doc do in the future?

As far we know, he went to a clinic to have some skin surgery performed, then he might have done the hover conversion to the DeLorean, and then go spying or accidentally find out the status of the McFly family. From the stickers on his suitcase we can assume he traveled several places. (Ms Fusion2 –

4.1.4: Why didn’t Doc fix old Marty's life himself?

Doc needed Marty to pretend him to be Marty Jr. and say no to Griff.

4.1.5: Are Doc Brown dead in 2015? Why do we not see him old there?

It is not mentioned that he is alive in 2015. If we assume he was born in 1920, he would be 95 years old in 2015, and therefor we can assume he is not alive. If he still were alive, he would probably not remember Doc from 1985 anyway. Also, if Doc does not exist in 2015 means that Doc from 1985 doesn't need to avoid meeting himself. As a matter of fact, Doc could have simply looked himself up, found out he was dead and go into the rejuvenation clinic to ensure he would be alive for a lot longer. This allows him to have a normal family life with Clara, Jules and Verne after Part II.

4.1.6: Does the original Doc and Marty in 1985-A really exist?

Background: We never see the original Doc and Marty from 1985-A. People are surprised Marty shows up (he should be in Switzerland) and 1985-A is the exact time as the original Lone Pine timeline. By definition the same person can only exist once in a given time period.

It is widely debated whether 1985-A contains a second Doc and Marty or Doc and Marty from 2015 only are "returning back to 1985". If we stick to a single timeline theory, they may have existed before, it is Doc and Marty from 2015 which exist at this moment. People believe Marty is in Switzerland, but in reality Doc and Marty might have time-traveled and disappeared or just erased from existence.
In a parallel universe we can speculate that the original 1985-A Doc and Marty have switched with Doc and Marty from 2015. If they time-traveled to the past or future and after tried to go back to their own 1985, they could end up in Lone Pine timeline, which would be a Alternate 1985 to them.
It may be perfectly reasonable to assume that there is an alternate Marty in 1984-A and and alternate Doc Brown in 1984-A.
Although, there is no danger of them meeting themselves as we learn that Marty(1985-A) is in Switzerland and Doc Brown(1984-A) has been committed.

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