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I heard about an episode of Spin City called "Back To The Future 4 - Judgement day". Why did they choose a such title?

The TV series Spin City starred Michael J. Fox, who played Marty in Back to the Future. This particular episode had Christopher Lloyd, the other BTTF star, as a guest star. In his first scene, the two make a few time-travel puns. Thereby, the name was simply a joke.

I don't know about you, but if in BTTF#2 Biff had access to the Sports Almanach for a couple of hours at the very least. Wouldn't it given him enough time to at least remember a couple of World Series winners ? With that information, while it is doubtful he could have built the future he had in the Hell Valley alternate timeline, his future most definately would have been changed in some ways.

When Biff gets the Sports Almanac from Old Biff, he doesn't believe it lists the correct results at first. It's only on the way back from the Enchantment Under the Sea dance that he begins to believe it when he listens to a games results on the radio. It is shortly after this that Marty manages to retake the almanac.
It is entirely possible however that Biff did indeed remember some of the results, although, it would be very few if any I would think. This may be how he is able to fund his future business "Biff's Auto Detailing"

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